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On April 21, 2014 ERI RAS and Analytical Centre of the RF Government presented
Global and Russian Energy Outlook to 2040. Previous
Outlook-2013 showed a strong need of the country for its own vision of world energy development. During 2013, data from the Outlook were actively used in the reports of the Federal government representatives, management of major Russian companies and discussed at scientific and expert events in Russia and abroad.
Improvement of the tools used and expansion of the range of investigated parameters made the Outlook-2014 even more interesting. In the new Outlook-2014:
— Analysis of the recent changes that have been transforming the conventional trends in global economy and energy as well as an outlook of the world development for the next 25 years.
— Unexpected results of oil and gas market forecast based on refined economic modelling methodology making it possible to analyse in detail the global oil, gas and coal markets.
— New scenarios focused on the new hydrocarbon producers and resource limitations of the consumers: how will Iranian, Iraqi, Brazilian, East African, Australian and Central Asian oil and gas influence the global markets? What will the coal peak in China and India result in?
— Detailed analysis of dynamics in the Russian economy and energy under the new trends. What effects will the global changes have for Russia?