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The Institute sees its mission in scientific substantiation of solutions to wide range of problems related to analysis and forecast of development of the Global energy sector and national energy policy of Russia;
-development of industrial component of the energy sector, including electrical, gas, oil, and coal industry, alternative and renewable energy,
- increasing effectiveness of energy resources,
-optimization of energy market,
-developing methodology of pricing mechanisms in national energy complex,
-optimization of taxation in energy related sphere,
-interoperations between energy sector, economy and environment

The methodology utilized by the Institute is based on system researches of the energy sector, while the major instrument of researches is constantly developed interactive simulation and optimization mathematical models interfacing with large databases reflecting all segments of energy sector.

The Institute research policy focuses on fuel and energy complex of the country in general and its regions, Unified gas supply system, Unified electric energy system of Russia (including nuclear energy) oil and coal industry, new technologies in national and foreign energy sector.

The major research areas of ERI RAS are: (in accordance with the Statute of Russian Academy of Sciences Board, adopted on April 8, 2008, # 215)

• Trends and regularities of energy sector development and its interaction with needs of the society, technical progress and environment;
• Scientific substantiation of structural and technical policy in national and global energy sector and ways to implement it in various economy conditions;
• Research and development of effective strategies of national and regional energy complex development, including energy saving routes and mechanisms;
• Researching for optimization of economy relations in energy sector, developing recommendations for better pricing policy and increasing effectiveness of external trade with energy resources.

The Institute specialists on top of their knowledge, experience and powered by vast information resources provide consulting services to national and foreign companies in energy related issues.

Postgraduate department is one of the most important areas for ERI RAS. Young scientists and specialists in energy economy and system researches in energy sector are being prepared in cooperation with the major national universities.