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System Research of global energy markets

Remote department of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

From the very start ERI RAS and Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas have maintained close professional ties developing a solid basement for cooperation in scientific and educational sphere.

This cooperation has resulted in establishing a remote department of the University based at ERI RAS.

The department of System Research of global energy markets has been founded in 2011. However, it has already proved to be a hub where university studies, academic science and modern business practices meet together.
The program is run by highly qualified scientific personal employed by ERI RAS as well as well-established in Russian and international scientific and business consulting community analysts.
The program includes the following modules: “International energy statistics”, “Global oil markets – foreign oil industry economy”, “Global energy markets-regional aspects”, “Global gas markets - – foreign gas industry economy”, “Renewable energy”, “Global electric power sector”, “Methods to Forecast further development of global energy markets”, “Regulation and reforming energy markets / international energy trade”, “System researches of global energy markets- international legal grounds”, “Energy companies”.

Research degree: MSc
Professional area: Economics (Russian Government high school code 080100)
Program name: System Research of global energy market
Degree (qualification) upon completion: Master of Economics
Program duration: 2years

Practical studies: Practical studies in scientific and administrative spheres are being held in acting research departments of the ERI RAS.

Acting chair - Vladimir L. Likhachev, Ph.D., deputy Director of the ERI RAS for scientific affairs
Graduates are entitled to: as per Government high school standards, professional activity in the field of Economics includes:

• Economic, finance, marketing and analytical departments of various organizations, different spheres of economy, various ownership structures.
• Federal and local government
• Academic and corporate research institutions
• High school and secondary professional education institutions

After successful completion of the program graduates are entitled to the following activities;

• Science ( researches in fundamental and practical areas)
• Economics ( economical substantiation of projects and programs, financial and economic evaluation )
• Analytics ( global energy data collection and processing, forecast development)
• Consulting ( system analysis and related advisory)
• Management ( ways and methods to achieve the goals set)
• Teaching ( lecturing, handling training and other educational events)

Equipment available: students have assigned workstation equipped with computer with Internet access; classes are equipped by multimedia systems and related office equipment.

Job market demand and future employment: successful graduates have employment priority with ERI RAS or may be recommended to partner organizations and companies.

Classes are held in ERI RAS office at Nagornaya st, 31, bldg. 2, Moscow

Phone: 7(499)123-11-05

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