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Developing recommendations for power companies

ERI RAS has long been involved in developing strategies and sliding five year plans – development forecasts of a number of leading Russian power companies. The Institute also undertakes research for the largest foreign companies, alongside an analysis of opportunities and risks of developing a business in Russia and various world regions. Several dozens of projects confirm the validity of the methodology and technological effectiveness of the forecasting instruments, which are able to generate results promptly. These projects include the following:

• Solving strategic planning and management tasks, as well as evaluating development prospects of the Russian and world energy markets
• Risk management and substantiation of strategic decisions by clarifying projected demand for goods/services and price conditions
• Producing long term development programmes of companies in the fuel and energy sector based on an integrated external environment forecast (macro-economic situation, demand dynamics and price conditions in the domestic and external energy markets, institutional and regulatory factors) and a risk analysis with recommendations on increasing the stability of investment programmes.
• Evaluation of market niches in the domestic and external markets and development of marketing strategies.
• Evaluation of long term development prospects and diversification options of the power companies’ operations, substantiation of an effective production and innovation strategy which ensure growth in capitalisation,
• Developing modernisation programmes and power production programmes, substantiation of effective energy saving measures.