Main » Outlook for Global Energy Markets Up to 2040: Implications for Russia

Publication of the article in the "Ecomonitoring" Journal

The "Ecomonitoring" Journal (№ 03, 2013) published an article "Outlook for Global Energy Markets Up to 2040: Implications for Russia" (the staff of the Center for International Energy Markets Studies of ERI RAS – Ekaterina Grushevenko, Dmitriy Grushevenko, Anastasia Goryacheva and Anna Galkina), which reveals the main findings of the research of the long-term development of the global energy markets, taking into account the possible bifurcation caused by technological breakthroughs, and contains analysis of the Russian position in these markets. Although the world energy will develop in the framework of current trends, the balance of key players’ power will change substantially. The analysis clearly shows the extremely high sensitivity of Russia to changes in the market conditions – Russian oil and gas on the world markets turned out to be marginal, thereby the contribution of the oil and gas complex in the GDP will decrease and GDP will slow down by one percentage point per year, compared to the forecast of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.