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Публикация в журнале "The Oxford Energy Forum"

В ежеквартальном академическом журнале "The Oxford Energy Forum" (вып. 97, август 2014 г.) опубликована статья "The status of the Russian coal industry and its prospects in the period to 2030" заведующей Лабораторией научных основ развития и регулирования угольной и торфяной промышленности ИНЭИ РАН, к.т.н. Людмилы Плакиткиной.
Liudmila Plakitkina assesses the position of Russia’s coal industry and its prospects up to 2030. The commanding position enjoyed by relatively cheap gas in the thermal power station market has constrained coal demand in Russia, Plakitkina points out, and she enumerates reasons why this is unlikely to change substantially. She is also cautious in her view of possible export growth up to 2030: the ‘shale gas’ revolution, environmental considerations, and technological change may counteract much of the effect of demand growth in Asia.