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Главная » Coal Gasification: At the Crossroad. Technological Factors

Coal Gasification: At the Crossroad. Technological Factors

В журнале Thermal Engineering (volume 68, pages 209–220(2021)) опубликована статья
"Coal Gasification: At the Crossroad. Technological Factors" сотрудников ИНЭИ РАН Сергея Филиппова и Александра Кейко.

The article presents results from analyzing the state of the art achieved in the coal gasification technologies developed around the world and the demand for them. It is shown that such technologies have presently arrived at a crossroad in their development. Their future will be determined by the development prospects of coal energy as a whole. Coal still continues to play the most important role in the world energy. In recent years, external factors have become extremely negative for the development of coal energy. Among other fuels, coal produces the largest specific emissions of CO2 during its combustion, in view of which it may become the first victim of the unfolding energy decarbonization policy. Under such conditions, there is a need to diversify the coal utilization fields, primarily through manufacturing a wide range of chemical products with a high added value. This generates the need to develop the appropriate technologies, and, first of all, gasification technologies, the use of which opens the possibility of making almost the entire range of products from coal that are obtained from petroleum and natural gas. It has been determined that gasification technologies have already reached a high level of technical maturity, and a large number of gasifier designs have been proposed. It has been determined that the majority of operating coal gasification plants are presently used for manufacturing various chemical products, first of all, natural gas substitute (which is then forwarded to gas networks) and also methanol and ammonia. It is pointed out that only a few integrated gasification combined cycle plants have been implemented and planned for construction, which means that the private sector shows little interest in this technology. At the same time, such plants have quite a high potential for being used in low-carbon energy, of course, provided that the problem of disposing the captured CO2 is solved. It is shown that a large number of gasifier equipment manufacturers are available around the world. However, gasifiers are produced in single units or in a small series, which unavoidably leads to the high cost of this equipment. For the further innovative development of the gasification technology, combined efforts should be taken by the private sector and the state.

Для цитирования Filippov, S.P., Keiko, A.V. Coal Gasification: At the Crossroad. Technological Factors. Therm. Eng. 68, 209–220 (2021).