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Главная » Публикация в журнале Thermochimica Acta

Публикация в журнале "Thermochimica Acta"

В журнале Thermochimica Acta (Volume 698, April 2021, 178887) опубликована статья
"A DSC signal for studying kinetics of moisture evaporation from lignocellulosic fuels" главного научного сотрудника, д.т.н. Александра Кейко (соавторы Alexander N. Kozlov, Vitaly A. Shamansky, Igor G. Donskoy, Maxim V. Penzik).
The study of the pine sawdust drying kinetics was carried out using thermal analysis. The evaporation rate of free and bound moisture was determined using thermogravimetric data. Differential scanning calorimetry allows to evaluate the effect of evaporation on the deviation of the sample temperature from the heating gas temperature. In experiments, this temperature deviation increases with the heating rate and can be several tens of degrees. Using the developed theoretical approach, the values of the energy of moisture sorption were obtained from the data on the rate of evaporation at different temperatures under conditions of diffusional evaporation (the period of decreasing drying rate). This approach operates with the thermodynamic parameters of interfacial interaction, which affect the change in the saturated pressure of water vapor above the biomass surface. The results show that with a decrease in the moisture content of the pine wood, the sorption energy of moisture increases rather sharply, and at a moisture content of less than 5%, this dependence is close to exponential.