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Energy sector of former Soviet Union countries

ERI RAS is a leading organisation in the area of research on energy markets and intergovernmental energy cooperation on post-Soviet territory and the neighbouring regions (the CIS, EurAsEC, the Customs Union, SCO and the Baltic region, the Black Sea, the Caspian and the Central Asian regions). This research is conducted for intergovernmental organisations, national government organisations, energy companies, research centres and consulting firms.

In the last five years ERI RAS achieved significant progress in research on the issues of energy sector development on post-Soviet territory. By now ERI RAS has become the leading organisation for providing the scientific substantiation of conceptual provisions on energy cooperation of the countries in the region. The Institute carries out tasks set by intergovernmental authorities in the CIS and EueAsEC. In addition to regularly developing current situation analytical materials and development scenarios for the energy sector of the CIS countries, ERI RAS prepared a number of documents (intergovernmental agreements), approved and adopted by the member states of the CIS and EurAsEC. For example, in 2006 heads of EurAsEC states adopted a Framework for creating a unified energy market in EurAsEC. Much work was done in 2009, which was announced as a “Year of the CIS Energy Sector”. ERI RAS prepared several studies, including substantiation materials for the framework for energy cooperation between the CIS countries. The Institute also took an active part in developing the Framework itself. It was approved at a meeting the heads of the governments of the CIS in Yalta in November 2009. The Institute was awarded an honorary certificate by the CIS Executive Committee for this work.
In 2009-2010 ERI RAS prepared “Energy production and consumption forecast for the CIS member states for the period up to 2020”. This forecast was approved via a decision of the CIS Council of Heads of Governments of 19 November 2010. The CIS Executive Committee thanked the Institute and the responsible executive.
In 2010 ERI RAS produced a scientific report on “Issues of energy cooperation between the members of the Customs Union, EurAsEC and the CIS (taking into account agreements reached earlier)”. This report presented an analysis of energy cooperation between Russia and members of the Customs Union, EurAsEC and the CIS, both on a bilateral and multilateral basis. The report also contained a comparative analysis of the current position and development prospects of energy cooperation in the CIS and EurAsEC – Customs Union – Common Economic Space.

ERI RAS provides research in this direction, meeting client requests from Russian and foreign companies, firms and institutes, such as Gazprom, Wood Mackenzie, KEEI and others.
ERI RAS has a team of highly qualified experts and a set of instruments for conducting research on energy markets and intergovernmental energy cooperation on post-Soviet territory and in the neighbouring regions, including:

1. Databases for analysing and forecasting energy balances of the former Soviet Union countries (from the regional level to the level of individual companies and power plants) and a system of indicators to assess processes of regional market integration.
2. A system of models for analysing and forecasting the development of the energy sector of the former Soviet Union countries and Northeast Asia.
3. Knowledge database on the energy policy of the former Soviet Union countries and Northeast Asia.

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Research in this direction is conducted under the leadership of Deputy Director of ER RIAS on science, V. L. Likhachev, Doctor of Science.

ERI RAS is interested in expanding relations with organisations and specialists dealing with the issues of energy sector development in the former Soviet Union and is open for cooperation in this direction.