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International conference “Intellectual oilfield - global experience and modern technologies”

The Conference held in Moscow on 5 of May was organized by a joint effort of Gubkin Oil and Gas University, Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of oil and gas industry and a number businesses of oil and gas sector.

Representatives of Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Industry and Trade, State Duma committee for Energy affairs, managing executives from the industry, including oil and gas sector, research fellows representing academical science and corporate research centers, foreign counterparts.

Deputy director of the Institute for scientific affairs professor Dr. Yury Plakitkin attended the conference delivering report “Innovative development of global economy-new paradigms and regularities in global energy sector development”. The report considered the following highlights:

- Possibilities of innovative development in oil and gas sector and included global energy development analysis;
- Cyclic regularities of global technological progress
- Dynamics in science-intent technologies and their impact on energy efficiency of global economy
- Oil and gas consumption forecast until 2030 including per capita demand,
- Forecasted global GDP, per capita GDP and major energy carriers' costs